Inofficial Sociable Support

Sociable is used by many as it’s overall a great plugin problem is it hasn’t been updated for a while and I felt like taking that on me to provide support/updates and what not until if ever it gets officially supported again, all my releases will be posted under downloads with patch notes and what not. You are welcome to post any error/bugs/functionality etc, in the comments below.

I will start of with fixing the most urgent errors that’s been posted in the support forum and thereafter I will fix everything else.


If you want to show your appreciation you’re more than welcome to like my facebook page =)


6 thoughts on “Inofficial Sociable Support

  1. Sandra

    On this page of the site:, it says to make a change in the directory without stating where we might find the directory. For people that are not techs, it causes confusion not to specify these things. I am new to wordpress, and trying to figure all this out, and vagueness like this doesn’t help.
    My problem is that when I originally did the settings, I opted for top and bottom, but now I see that I don’t need both, due to the layout with my theme. I need to remove the icons from the bottom. How do I do that?


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